What is the single most important rule in looking for a home?

Number One While many important details must be considered in choosing your first home – style, size, price, location – one thing is certain: if you will be moving again in a few years, be sure you buy with selling in mind. Chances are, the items that make your new home a comfortable fit for you will also attract buyers later on.

Some special considerations for the first-time homeowner who has resale in mind:

  • Watch for growth potential Look for an established neighborhood that will be enhanced by future growth but not inconvenienced by it.
  • Look out for resale value Seek a prime neighborhood where homes sell well in any market.
  • Check out location Consider availability of all aspects of transportation; even those you may not use.
  • Research Area Schools Check for quality public schools, whether or not you have school-age children.
  • Go for the green Look carefully at the lot for trees and greenery to buffer winter winds or summer heat.
  • Make room for visitors See if ample guest parking is available for you and your neighbors.
  • Ponder privacy issues Consider how much privacy the home and lot provide.
  • Drive the commute before you buy Check morning and afternoon drive time to work, schools, shopping, churches.